The Palomar

Using the identity branding already created by Here Design, I was commissioned by the restaurant owners to create a website that expressed the cool, funky and elegant atmosphere that The Palomar espouses. This isn't an uptight, prim and proper fine dining restaurant, but an outgoing, vibrant and bustling establishment filled with laughter, chatter and wonderful smells. The client already had some loose ideas of how they wanted the pages laid out and where certain elements were to be located in the browser. They also wanted the website to be largely image lead, using gorgeous photographs from the restaurant (photographed by Helen Cathcart) to entice customers and to provide stylistic cues from the food and décor.

The finish product is a Wordpress powered website that is both elegant and functional, fully optimised for both desktop and mobile devices and easy for venue staff to update as necessary.

  • Front-end design & coding
  • Wordpress CMS Integration
  • UI Design
View Website The Palomar Desktop Mock Up The Palomar Desktop Mock Up The Palomar Desktop Mock Up The Palomar Tablet Mock Up The Palomar Smart Phone Mock Up